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Belize gives a real impression of Caribbean port at the time of the buccaneers. This piece of rainforest open to the Caribbean Sea was a haven for pirates before the English came to ruin by transforming it into a Crown Colony: British Honduras. In Belize, it is thus in an Anglo-Saxon land, an island of English in an ocean Latin American Hispanic. There is no way to play pirates, but you can believe in Africa, due to a large black population, descendants of slaves imported from Jamaica and St. Vincent. In Belize City, the cocktail is striking: a strange mix of British traditions and customs Caribbean! Belize, this is a huge rainforest which, like Peten, home to many Mayan sites, sometimes difficult. It is also and above all, over 250 km of coastline, hundreds of small islands, cays, stretching along a beautiful coral reef, an exceptional site for diving and snorkelling.

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Mystic River Resort (San Ignacio)  DÉTAILS >>>>>>
TARIFS : Chambre single 513BZD (206.02)*, Chambre double 513BZD (206.02)*, * partir de.
Midas Resort (San Ignacio)  DÉTAILS >>>>>>
TARIFS : Chambre single 148BZD (59.44)*, Chambre double 148BZD (59.44)*, * partir de.
Captain Morgans Retreat (Belize City)  DÉTAILS >>>>>>
TARIFS : Chambre single 388BZD (155.82)*, Chambre double 388BZD (155.82)*, * partir de.
Banana Beach Resort (San Pedro)  DÉTAILS >>>>>>
TARIFS : Chambre single 390BZD (156.63)*, Chambre double 390BZD (156.63)*, * partir de.
Grand Colony Island Villa (San Pedro)  DÉTAILS >>>>>>
TARIFS : Chambre single 1060BZD (425.7)*, Chambre double 1060BZD (425.7)*, * partir de.

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Version 2Nim Li Punit Belize
Version 2Nim Li Punit Be

Version 2 Nim Li Punit Belize
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Caye Caulker Pano
Caye Caulker Pano

Rio Frio Cave
Rio Frio Cave


Cahal Pech
Cahal Pech

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