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Buddhism in Central America

Buddhism in Central America was primarily driven by the presence of Chinese immigrant workers in most of these countries during the earlier part of the 19th century. Nowadays, it is also driven by the very minor presence of Buddhist missionary groups.

Buddhist percentage by country

Here is the percentages of Buddhists in some nowaday Central American countries from many different sources:

National flag Country Population(2007E) % of Buddhists Buddhist total
Buddhism by country in the Central America
Flag of Belize.svg Belize 294,385 0.35% [1] 1,030
Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica 4,133,884 2.34% [2] 96,733
Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador 7,076,598 0.1% [3] 7,076
Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala 12,728,111 0.1% [4] 12,728
Flag of Honduras.svg Honduras 7,483,763 0.1% [5] 7,484
Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua 5,675,356 0.1% [6] 5,675
Flag of Panama.svg Panama 3,242,173 2.1% [7] 68,086
Total 40,634,270 0.489% 198,812

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