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George Gabb

George Seymour Gabb, M.B.E. (February 28, 1928 – March 1, 2007) was a Belizean artist, sculptor, writer and entertainer.[1]


Gabb was born in Belize City and educated no further than primary school. At age 13, he began to take up the arts and soon gained a following as a sculptor. Among his many creations are "The Sleeping Giant", a version of which is on the Belize $100 currency note, and the "Freedom of Thought" sculpture at the entrance to the city of Belmopan.


Gabb has six children, Elena, Antonio, Rupert, George, Jose, and Deirdre. George is chair of the CIS department in the School of Computer and Engineering Technologies at Miami Dade College, North Campus in Miami, Florida.

His niece, Margaret Gabb-McKenzie, is Chief Magistrate.[2]


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