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Transport in Belize


Public transportation

Most Belizeans travel the country using public buses as their primary form of transportation. In the larger towns and cities, such as Belize City or Belmopan, there are bus terminals. In smaller places, there are bus stops. However, the most common way of catching a bus is by flagging it down on the road. On the Northern and Western Highways, bus service is more frequent than on smaller highways and other roads. In some locations, like small towns, buses may run only once a day. Buses are classified as either Regular runs (usual prices) or Express runs (faster, for slightly higher prices). Some Belizeans prefer riding bikes due to traffic, or the time of day. Many buses are Greyhounds or school buses, although newer express buses travel the two main highways.

A new zoning system was implemented on Sunday, October 19, 2008.[1] Accordingly, the country is divided into zones: Northern (highway/rural), Southern (highway/rural), Western (highway/rural). Bus providers are restricted to assigned zones:

  • Buses that can operate on the highway in the Southern Zone are: James Bus Line, Usher Bus Line, G-Line Service.
  • Buses that can operate in the rural areas of the Southern Zone are: Chen Bus Line, Yascal Bus Line, Smith Bus Line, Richie Bus Line, Martinez Bus Line, Williams Bus Line, Radiance Ritchie Bus Line, Polanco Bus Line.
  • Buses that can operate on the highway in the Western Zone are: Guerra's Bus Service, D and E, Shaw Bus Service, Belize Bus Owner's Cooperatives (B.B.O.C.).
  • There was no change in the runs in the Western Zone's rural area at this time.The early run starts at three in the morning leaving Benque Viejo Town going toward Belize, and the last run leaving Belize City terminal heading towards Benque Viejo town leaves at nine pm. Hence,the time of the runs changes on weekend from every half-an-hour to an hour. The Northern Zone bus runs continue as they are at this time, with the exception of the Ladyville Shuttle Service which will now be provided by Skai's Bus Line, Flores Bus Service and Ramos Bus Service.

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